Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is WAXOYL?

WAXOYL a 55 year old premium rust protection system comprised of two formulas of hybrid wax based products

  • Can I get WAXOYL on any vehicle?

WAXOYL is best used on newer vehicles where any present rust is minimal. If the vehicle has been driven in more than 1 winter a free visual inspection may be required.

  • Do you offer Rust Protection year round?

Yes, we coat vehicles every day

  • When is the best time to get your vehicle treated with annual Bio-Progard Rust Treatment?

Ideally warm, dry weather is best. This combination give the best end result and the shortest wait time. We are happy to offer this service year round, however if its cold and the vehicle is snow packed the service will take much longer which could be an inconvenience to the customer

  • Is it ok to apply Bio-Progard when its cold/snowing?

While it is ideal to coat your vehicle in the warm/dry weather we firmly believe is better to have a coating on the vehicle immediately than wait. Cold/snowing will increase the required time for the vehicle.

  • Does Bio-Progard smell like harsh chemicals?

To most customers amazement Bio-Progard smells like banana bread/butterscotch which can last for months after depending on use. We do our best to avoid areas that will get hot causing the product to burn off, however there will aways be reasons for overspray, when that happens the product gives off a cooking oil/frying pancake smell.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here or with the search bar, please email, call or text us and we will be happy to help!

Common Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, in order to commit to the expected wait times we require an appointment. Expect different wait times depending on the year, spring cleaning is extremely popular which can easily book us weeks in advance. In the same way you would not want it done to you, we will not bump someone else’s appointment for yours, no matter what incentives you offer.

Do I need to remove my personal items before a cleaning service?

Yes, to avoid damage or lost items we request you remove all items. It’s common to leave items in the glove box and arm rest, we will just avoid those areas.

Will you clean my child seats?

Yes, we will remove and clean child seats, we however WILL NOT reinstall them due to liability and lack of training. If you would like us to not remove them, let us know and we will gladly clean around them the best we can.

Why is pricing for pick up trucks not listed on your cleaning services?

Due to the wide variety of truck sizes, options, and uses trucks are difficult to price without going into great detail about the vehicle IE: 2dr or 4dr, rubber or carpet flooring, work or personal use truck, these differences can double the base price.

Why don’t you allow online booking?

There are a few reasons, the main being we do this to not over book and keep our expected wait times. We also want to communicate with customers to confirm they are getting the correct package that they expect. We are not an assembly line and address each vehicle individually and with each vehicle being vasty different in size and complexity each service requires a different amount of time and attention.